Club Shirts

As a member of the Merrick Mountain Bikers Club you are entitled to wear our club gear.


Our club soft shell jackets are available now.


The winter cycling jacket is designed for temperatures ranging from 20° to 50° Fahrenheit. It is composed of two different fabrics: the majority of the jacket is made up of a high performance wind-stopper fabric, and the side panels are a more flexible wicking fabric. This combination enables the jacket to have superior movement yet maintain a close and athletic fit.


The jacket has a small side pocket for keys and valuables as well as a larger pocket at the lower back. Both pocket linings are made with a lightweight and flexible material and can be closed with zippers.
Pockets left open during riding can thus function as mini-ventilations.


The back bottom hem is equipped with an anti-slipping rubber grip, and the sides have elastic pull cords to adjust hem to a desired tightness.


The arms and back of the jacket are also trimmed with reflectors for added safety.

Please pick your size and let us know the garments you want to order.  Email us with the details of your order here.




You can also determine your size via chest circumference. Simply measure your chest circumference and find the best corresponding fit in our chart to value B of the body measurements. The chest circumference is the maximum horizontal circumference at normal breathing. The tape measure should go around the shoulder blades, chest and under the arm-pits.


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